Welcome, I’m so glad you found me.

As a therapist and yoga teacher I believe that a holistic approach of listening more deeply to our body and mind is a critical ingredient for lasting change and relief from suffering, dissatisfaction, fear and disconnection. Through careful attention, intentional action, acceptance and compassion we can find relief.

I guide clients in noticing what is happening inside and around them with gentleness, warmth and curiosity. By doing so we create new possibilities for responding to stress. We often find we are more capable and adept at experiencing our pain, sorrows, and joys without feeling disrupted by them. Together we will help strengthen your capacity to regulate, stabilize and feel safe. 

Years of a personal yoga practice and therapeutic trainings continue to reinforce a universal truth that we are already whole and have access to a natural ability to heal. When we stop searching and looking outside of ourselves and go inward, we find a greater capacity to manage overwhelm and return to a state of balance. We connect to our power and our body thanks us daily by becoming more regulated. Our mind follows by becoming more at peace, confident, and connected to love. And a willingness emerges to reach out and connect more with others. I passionately look forward to assisting you in direct personal experiences of resiliency and well-being. Reach out to schedule a free phone consultation.

My Credentials

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate (LCASA) in the state of North Carolina. I completed the somatic experiencing training with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and have received the SEP certificate (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner). I have over 5 years of experience teaching yoga and am registered with yoga alliance, RYT-106279. I earned a Masters in Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from NOVA Southeastern University in 2014. And my undergraduate degrees were in Psychology and Advertising from Florida State University.

A Little More About Me

I continue to explore, learn and connect to being a student of life. I have a passion for traveling and experiencing other cultures, for the creativity and vitality in my personal yoga practice and daily meditations, connecting to nature and cooking healthy meals. Before aligning my daily life with my values of helping others, I worked in Advertising in NYC and was part of a fast paced world. I have since found refuge here in Asheville, NC. It is here that I found my path in life after stepping out of my comfort zone, embracing the wilderness of change, listening to my intuition and coming home to myself.

Fun Facts:  I volunteered outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina at a farm with a community of individuals that contributed towards a sustainable living. Here we participated in dedicated daily practices of yoga, meditation and sound therapy. Found my courage to push against what most of my world was telling me not to do, and went on a solo backpacking journey to South America. I explored the magic of the Moai statues in Easter Island in sunlight and moonlight. Studied yoga and meditation in Costa Rica. Got lost and eventually found my way back to myself in Santiago, Chile. Attended a 10-day Silent Meditation retreat in complete silence. And I continue to focus on personal growth through my yoga, meditation, and somatic therapeutic practices which are an invaluable force in supporting myself in the work I do to help others.